There are nearly 3.5 billion smartphone users across the world. What's more interesting is that people spend 90% of their phone usage time on apps. It doesn't matter what kind of business you run or the services you provide; your target audience lies within that group of 3.5 billion people for sure. So how do you leverage this mouthwatering front for your business? It's simple, a mobile app for business, your business.

purpose of your mobile presence

Creating a mobile app isn't about being future-ready anymore. It's more about providing the best possible experience to your customers, or sometimes even to optimize the different business processes. Whether you are a small business owner or leading a flourishing enterprise from any niche, a mobile app can help your cause one way or another.

We know that a 3.5 billion user-pool might not be enough to sway your opinion, and that's why we have put together these 11 app benefits. We are sure you'll find not just one but multiple reasons to create a mobile app for your business, irrespective of the core functionality and size. So let's get started:

#1. Increases Engagement And Brand Visibility

Remember those days when businesses used to scramble to rent out giant billboards located in the most crowded places? All these efforts used to be just to get an extra ounce of attention for the brand.

With a mobile app, you get right into the prospect's palm. Once they download your app, you'll get that extra bit of visibility even if they don't open your app every time they check the phone. This kind of attention compounds over time and increases brand engagement.

Los Angeles is home to not just Hollywood or aerospace companies or a satellite location for tech giants like Google and Facebook. The city is home to innumerable smaller and more interesting businesses. And if you are one such business owner, then a mobile app is a great way to funnel the crowd’s attention to your business.

The other app benefit is that people can check out your business on the go. The moment they learn about your brand, they can download the app and know everything there is to know about it. Instant gratification can be your friend at times, and this is one of those cases.

Lastly, a mobile app gives you a lot of advantages over your competitors without one. The additional interaction channel ends up being the upper hand in this case. The result of all these factors put together is increased visibility and more engagement for your business.

increase visibility will increase your leads

#2. Opens Up Avenues For Promotional Opportunities

We just established that a mobile app brings a lot of attention to your business. But you can easily leverage the mobile app to harness all the attention to grow your business.

Have you ever wondered how many people go through those newsletters you send out every week? Use push notifications instead, and you won't have to worry about messages getting ignored anymore. You can roll out discounts, offers, and broadcast news about anything interesting happening around your business.

Mobile apps also set you up to easily incorporate the Internet of Things (IoT) into your business activities. From our refrigerators to cars, everything is getting 'smart,' and mobile apps are always a critical link between these smart equipment and humans.

Sometimes businesses with successful apps turn mobile apps into an additional source of revenue by using in-app advertisements. The crux of the matter is that a mobile app opens up plenty of avenues to grow your business. The decision of steering the app in a specific direction is entirely up to you.

#3. Enhanced User Experience Compared To Mobile Websites

Many business owners would argue that they already have a website for their business, which is mobile-friendly, as well. However, there are always glaring differences between the two in terms of performance and the experience they provide.

Websites often fall prey to slow loading speeds, provide a clunky experience, and offer only a limited number of ways to interact with the business. On the other hand, a mobile application provides smoother user experience, offers a ton of personalization options, is more secure, and can even be used offline.

We now live in a marketplace where convenience supersedes a lot of other factors driving sales. The businesses with customer’s convenience at their core are doing way better than the rest. Think again if your business still relies on a mobile website to take care of the entire smartphone segment.

#4. Easy Geo-Tracking 

The precedence of geo-tracking varies from one business to another. You might need it to roll out region-specific offers, guide shoppers to your store, use the information to send out relevant notifications to users, and much more.

Geo-tracking is among the biggest pros of mobile apps, especially for larger businesses. The more knowledge businesses have about the client's surroundings, the better they can serve them.

If you are a local store owner in LA then the GPS functionality is a great way to guide customers through the city streets to your store. Or you can ping them an offer notification every time they are in the vicinity of your store. 

#5. Improved Customer Support

You add one more communication channel to your toolbox when you create a mobile app for business. Unlike other support channels, the clients and prospects can now quickly interact with your business. It would lead to improved customer satisfaction and possibly even increased sales depending on how you leverage this channel.

Apps provide the least amount of resistance when it comes to clients reaching out to businesses. It leads to better engagement, which allows companies to better understand and resolve customer's grievances. Additionally, they pack in the options of calling, chatting, generating query tickets, and whatnot, all from a single device and with a few taps. 

improved customer support leads to increase in sales

#6. Facilitate Business Operations 

A mobile app for business doesn’t always need to be catered towards clients and customers. You can build one for your employees and business operations too. You’ll notice that once you consider this path, the opportunities are endless.

Can you identify a bottleneck in your business operations that you can perhaps address with a mobile app? The answer is probably yes. It can be to improve communication, manage projects, track progress, etc. Find out where you would like to improve your business's existing processes and see if a mobile app will do the trick.

Los Angeles has quite a tech savvy population. People working for you won’t find it much difficult to incorporate the mobile app into their professional lives. Pounce on this opportunity and bring in more reliability and finesse in your daily business operations.

#7. Additional Source Of Analytical Data

Apps can be a great way to collect data, with the permission of users, of course. Android and iOS apps need to follow specific security and privacy guidelines to show up in the app marketplace. It instills additional confidence among users when sharing information with the app. This kind of trust is usually missing in the case of websites.

Once you establish such trust with users, it's easier to ask them to participate in surveys, share information, and submit feedback. You'd also get your hands on other kinds of data, such as the client's app usage pattern and pre-vetted information from linked user accounts on the phone. 

mobile app as an additional source of analytics data

#8. Gives You Advantage Over Rivals With No App

Every app benefit laid out in this article is the advantage you get over your without-app-competitors by creating one. You can be better at brand engagement, have more efficient customer support, get more sales through this additional marketing channel, and have more satisfied customers.

If other players in your industry don't have a mobile app, you should see it as the perfect opportunity to get one step ahead of them rather than following the crowd. Do not wait for other businesses to succeed with a mobile app when you can set an example for others instead.

There are more than 244,000 businesses based in Los Angeles and how many do you reckon have a mobile app working for them? An app will automatically propel you ahead of numerous businesses. However, the more time you spend contemplating the idea and not taking any action, the lesser would be the ROI. So waste no time in reaching out to us for mobile app development in Los Angeles.

#9. Helps Improve Customer Loyalty

There is no shortcut to winning customer loyalty. It's a long, arduous process at the end of which you get to enjoy benefits such as more sales and increased customer lifetime value. While a mobile app can never be the sole driver for generating customer loyalty, it can help build it.

Mobile apps deliver an enhanced user experience and make it much easier to run loyalty programs. The eCommerce industry has benefited a lot from such programs by making it easier for participants to manage them through mobile phones.

#10. Leverage App Marketplaces To Get More Leads And Links

App marketplaces such as Google Play and App Store are dark horses of possible avenues to give your brand and business some exposure. If your app does well, it will automatically climb up the app charts and get better ratings. This creates a ripple effect leading to more exposure and better ratings.

The user reviews on these marketplaces are similar to word-of-mouth promotion and improve your brand value if the app does well. So don't just create an app for the sake of it but try to build its best possible version.

#11. Connect With The Customer Even When They Are Offline

And last but not least, apps allow you to stay connected with users even offline. The cherry on top is that offline users don't experience distractions because of other app notifications. So you get some quality attention from a user if they are exploring your app while they are offline.

You can also say that it's one of the most significant advantages that mobile apps have over websites. However, keep in mind that you'd have to develop the app accordingly if you wish to provide all the functionalities to users, even offline.

Speaking of mobile app development, you’d need a seasoned partner who knows the in and out of the process. You can contact us if you are planning on mobile app development in Los Angeles. We can expertly guide you on the matter and help you at every stage of app development. Feel free to reach out to us and discuss your project with one of our in-house experts.

The ROI of mobile apps has never been so great. Go ahead and plan out the kind of app your business might need and roll it out as soon as possible.

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